Since our garden's name and information from our website were used to
be claimed as others' products. Someone also refers stealthily in issuing
certificate by using our garden's name, which have no concern to our garden at all.
This destroyed our garden's reputation and may cause some problem in the future.

We would like to inform the situation to our clients as following :

1. We do not have any agents. Our clients can only buy our products directly
from our garden or at the annual farmland fair. We have all our clients' purchase
details in our data and will responsible to those whom we have records only.
We will not responsible for those who buy products from those who refer stealthily.

2. We have never recommended our clients to grow 25 plants per farm. If
clients believe to those who refer stealthily, we will not responsible
to any loss because we only recommend to grow only 16 plants per farm.

3. To those who refer stealthily, we are now preparing the documents to file
a case. If you do not stop ruining our reputation, we will sue to the last.

This is in order to inform our clients and warn to those who refer stealthily to stop.

***Thanks to those in the project who inform us the situation. Thank you very much.***

Np Garden ,February 17, 2010