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Welcome to NP-GARDEN the garden of giant sour tamarind of Nakhon Pathom. owner of Mr. Wewha jalun wong. The garden of giant sour tamarinds has been around for 12 years of experimental process and developments.

We’ve been searching for information inside and outside of our land. Some are good developments and some are bad developments depending on each information. We can learn these information by looking at it’s results. We have gathered information from our customers around the country and territory.

For anyone who is interested in giant sour tamarind to learn, to exchange ideas and even ask questions are most welcomed to come visit (free of charge). You can come as a family, group, or even by yourself. Everyone is welcomed. You will be surprised that giant sour tamarind isn’t a hopeless wood on the road any more. Tamarind wood is also great for marketing.


There are two groups of customers with land:

1. Customers that have land but doesn’t have the time to plant tamarinds.
2. Customers that have land but don’t have enough space to grow tamarinds.


The best way to grow giant sour tamarinds:

1. If you want to grow tamarinds in the summer it has to be very hot, or the dirt has to be very dry. Another way to make sure if the ground is dry is to look at the grass. The grass should not be healthy dark green, but yellow.
2. Tamarinds has to be in the sun away from other big trees.
3. Tamarinds likes land that has lots of rocks.

The three points are good ideas for customers who has left over land or land that can’t plant other plants. For my thoughts I think people should grow plants rather than letting the grass grow and take over the land. Of course you can’t make any money from grass. By growing giant sour tamarinds you can make a profit every year. Tamarinds isn’t hard to take care of because you can live your normal life. You don’t have to spray inject, fertilize, or even water it. It’s so simple.
You don’t have to worry about someone trying to steal just to eat it like other fruits. Also there is one important part that you don’t have to worry about tamarinds tree is getting old because (the older it gets the better it produces).
A nice idea is if you want to give land to a relative and you don’t want them to sell it you just grow tamarinds. Once they see the profit coming out from that land they will never sell it.

Giant sour tamarind has four good reasons:

Good reason #1 Tamarind trees aren’t expensive to grow.
Good reason #2 Tamarinds won’t expire, you don’t have to worry about selling them.
Good reason #3 Tamarinds can be eaten and used in many ways.
Good reason #4 Tamarinds can easily be sold and shipped to different countries, as many
countries need these products.

These are some information about giant sour tamarinds. If you want to know more about tamarind or just to exchange ideas you can contact Mr. Shompon at 081-297-1250 or visit us at NP-GARDEN at any time possible.

We all would want to see giant sour tamarinds trees become one of the top plants in Thailand for marketing. If anyone has any good ideas please feel comfortable to share ideas and help tamarind become known around the world for it’s good products.

Thank you for showing interest in giant sour tamarinds and have read all the way to the bottom. You can click to the columns and find information about giant sour tamarinds.