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Usually our customers who enter our web site ask questions like where will we sell them and who will buy it. For those who don’t know much about tamarinds will be worried about these questions. I will answer these questions by saying ‘there is nothing to worry,’ but for other kinds fruits they will have problems everyday. These 3 are the common problems that will occur.

1. Gardeners have to hurry to sell these fruits because they are easily to ripen.

2. When selling the fruits to customers. The customers buy them ripe but after a few days they can’t do anything to it because it’s too ripen.

3. Gardeners can make those fruit trees have fruits all year. It brings boredom to the customers.

You can see giant sour tamarinds once a year. Each year you can sell it’s new marrow, young tamarinds and aged tamarinds. It won’t have fruits out of it’s season, or if someone was thinking about sciencetific change, so the fruit comes out all year long. I doubt it because it’s too much money and work. If you want to sell new marrow tamarinds, you can pickle it in a jar and sha-em. This makes the tamarinds get better profit out of them. If you put tamarinds in the refrigerator you can sell it all year and the quality is still fresh

If you would like to ask, ‘how the customers buy them’? The three are as follows:
1. People come to buy tamarinds and sell them to companies.

2. People come and buy aged tamarinds to put in the refrigerator.

3. People buy them to make chopping blocks.


The 3 career occupations will be driving around fields and they will ask people in the neighborhoods about tamarinds fields near by. The whole neighborhood will know because they will say that this person is crazy, because of planting tamarinds. The neighbors will usually be talking in little stores and restaurants in the neighborhood. Whatever the neighbors see or hear will be heard everywhere from word of mouths.

You don’t have to water, fertilize and bug spray it. So, no money is coming out of your pockets. For example if we can’t sell it’s production fruits, it’s Okay then. It is better to have big trees than tall grass in your fields.


New Marrow Tamarinds

Tamarinds can sell all year, but you have to water and fertilize it. You can sell these every year. To make things easy you can always trim the tree to 1 meters tall so it’s easy to collect it’s production. The young leaves can also put in many kinds of foods. For example use its leaves to eat with hot pepper sauce, fish curry soup, tom-yum young leaf, young leaf curry, yum canned fish, gansom young leaf and many more.

Young Tamarinds

Young tamarinds taste good with hot pepper sauce, because it’s soft enough to blend with peppers. It will have 80% of veggie weight which will bring a delicious taste. Young tamarinds are not only used for hot pepper sauce but they are used for flavoring powder shipped to different countries. The process is to cut young tamarinds in to small pieces and oven heat it then crush it in to powder. You will get 100% quality of tamarind powder. Young tamarinds with, ‘nam-bla wan,’ is delicious.

Unripe tamarinds

Unripe tamarinds are desperately needed in the market. The reason for this is because it’s big, has lots of meat, heavy weight and easy to peal with a knife.

1. Customers like big fruit tamarinds.

2. Easy to peal with a knife.

3. Customers need tamarinds that is sour.

These three are very important. Tamarinds can make different kinds of foods like pickles and sha-em. Sha-em has three different kinds of flavors: sour, sweet and salty. This is very important for this process, because if the tamarinds aren’t sour then we will only have sweet and salty taste. Our giant sour tamarinds has 2 times the sourness, so there are no worries about

not enough sour in sha-em. In a year we will see sha-em around 3 months, and the other 9 months will be very hard to find.

Aged Tamarinds

Tamarinds Meat

Tamarinds meat is Thailand’s number 1 best food product. You can make gangsom, tom-yum, hot pepper sauce and tamarinds gaw. Tamarinds can make sodium, tartaric and paten made from naturals. Used to put in drinks like Coke, Pepsi, Red Bull. Make herbal medicine, cosmetics, spa formulas and many more. Tamarinds are needed in the Eastern countries. The eastern is the biggest market for tamarinds. Usually the Eastern weather is very hot deserts. For example a person is traveling far away in the desert. By carrying water might not be to easy, but why not carrying tamarinds? Well for me just only thinking of them makes my mouth watery. You’ll survive the hot desert, so these tamarinds are popular there.

Tamarinds Seeds

Some people don’t know that tamarinds seed can be sold. Some provinces in Thailand roast tamarinds seeds and eat them. In many countries like Japan they crush them and use the seeds to make glue, powder, medicine, ink color, coffee, and many more.